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7 g Paperboard Kraft Push Up Lip Tube

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Handy Eco-friendly paper containers are perfect for lip balms and other handmade cosmetics.  Biodegradable & recyclable.  .25 ounce / 7 g

They are lined with a plant-based, wax paper lining that is fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, creating an oil-proof shield from the outer paper.

These lightweight containers have a disc at the bottom that is easily pushed up with a finger to dispense your product.  Our design does not have a diagonal seam on the outside which tends to unwrap with daily use.

Easy filling instructions are included and satisfaction is guaranteed.

18mm / 3/4" -  inner diameter

22mm / 7/8" - outer diameter

51mm / 2" - total outer height

40mm / 1-5/8" - total inner height

42mm / 1-11/16" - height of base with lid off (includes neck)

17mm / 11/16" - outer lid height

32mm / 1-5/16" - outer base height (from bottom of tube to lid line)

15mm / 5/8" - top of lid diameter (for sticker)

575.mm / 2-3/4" - circumference

Tips from the Manufacturer for filling your tubes:
- Using a chopstick or similar utensil, make sure the push-up disk at the bottom of each tube is pressed down and seated firmly with the white, wax side up.
- For best results, keep your first pour temperature at the lowest temperature possible. (140F / 60C or below) and only fill about 10% of the way. Let it semi-set before filling the rest with a hotter temperature.
- Use a small beaker or dropper/pipette to avoid soiling the outside of the tubes.
- To avoid an indent in the middle, do a top fill
- If lids are ill-fitting, switch the lids with other tubes.

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