Brassica Alcohol Conditioning Emulsifier



This product will contain RSPO Mass Balance Palm in the future due to due to supply chain issues.

This is due to supply chain issues.  It does not change in composition, chemical structure, format, or any other way.  

Part emollient, part emulsifier. 100% naturally-derived from the brassica (cabbage family) plant, it thickens and stabilizes the formula while also reducing static and curbing breakage due to tangling and combing by up to 75%. It would replace cetyl alcohol in your palm free formulation.

Brassica Alcohol is a RSPO Mass Balance palm origin fatty alcohol, Vegan friendly, natural thickening agent and secondary emulsifier that provides exceptional stability in Hair Care, Skin Care, and Sun Care products. It is a natural replacement for BTMS and Chloride in hair conditioning products.

Usage Rate:   1-15% in the hot oil phase

Melting Point:  57C

Use this ingredient (1-2%) to reduce the soapiness of emulsifiers such as Olivem 1000.

Common Name: Brassica Alcohol

INCI: Brassica Alcohol

CAS Number: 661-19-8, 112-92-5

Origin: U.S.A.

Description: Our Brassica Alcohol is supplied in a White to very pale Yellow Pastile format, making it easier to measure and melt accurate amounts. Melting point is 57c.

Suggestions for Use: Brassica Alcohol is a natural thickening agent and viscosity adjuster and an ideal alternative to Palm derived emulsifiers typically used in personal care. Brassica Alcohol is a versatile ingredient and can be used in emulsions as well as anhydrous systems. In Hair care preparations it reduces breakage due to tangling and combing by conditioning and softening the hair, making it more manageable.

Try substituting the cetyl alcohol (if palm free) and btms 25 with Brassica in your shampoo bar & conditioner bars with Brassica for a palm free product.  It is both an emulsifier and a conditioning agent.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good product

I like this product and big benefit that it is natural.

Christiana Willis

Brassica Alcohol Conditioning Emulsifier Palm Free

Bettye Griffin
Brassica Alcohol

Nice product to work with! Seems to give my formulations an extra boost without all of the "chloride!"

Brassica Alcohol

Early experiments with this product are positive. I look forward to trying it in other products where I would normally use cetyl alcohol.

Tina Quinn
Extremely grateful for this product!

Thank you so much for bringing this product to Calgary! I have been searching for a palm free substitute for cetyl alcohol and am thriilled that you stock this now.

Tina Quinn
P.S. I love your new store layout and your new website!