Curl Defining Leave On Spray

juin 07, 2021

Curl Defining Leave On Spray

A leave-in conditioner spray that creates smoother and more defined curls. Safe, nourishing conditioning without weighing hair down, ideal for a bouncy and hydrated natural curl.

Equipment Required:  Scale, double boiler, thermometer, silicone spatulas

Make sure your equipment is thoroughly clean and disinfected as well as your work area.

Phase 1

AminoSensyl™ HC1* Brassica Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate 7.50%

Phase 2

Luxglide N5 1.00%  oil-soluble natural alternative to Cyclomethicone

Luxglide N350 1.7% Non-greasy emollient that imparts cushion and slip as a replacement for mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin or dimethicone. 

Meadowfoam Oil 2.00% Exceptional Hair Moisturizer

Phase 3

Distilled Water 82%

Glycerin 3.00% Humectant 

Phase 4

Geogard Ect 1% Preservative

Keratine Hydrolystat Silox .50%  hair strengthening & conditioning

Fragrance 0.30%

Total 100%


1. Combine phase 3 and start heating to 80 – 85°C in a double boiler. 

2. At  55 – 60°C, Add phase 1 into phase 3 while using medium – high stick blender.

3. At 70 - 75°C, add  phase 2 using a stick blender.

4. At 75 – 80°C, continue mixing at medium speed for 5 to 7 minutes. Ensure all items are melted and uniformly dispersed.  Continue  mixing  by hand with a whisk to lower to 55°C

7. Add phase 4 to the main batch.

8. Stop mixing at 45°C. Allow to cool to room temperature.

9. Once fully cooled, mix with your stick blender to whip in air and create fluffy texture. 

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