Luxurious Pedi Spa Scrub

juillet 14, 2020 1 Commentaire

Luxurious Pedi Spa Scrub - Soap Making Supplies, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils at Calgary, Alberta Soap and More the Learning Centre Inc in Canada

This is a Luxury Pedi Spa to soften rough skin as it releases a fresh citrus scent

63% Fine Dead Sea Salts (exfoliates)

32% Arnica infused Oil helps with collagen and structural integrity

1% Fine Pumice (exfoliates)

2% MSM also helps with collagen and structural integrity

2% Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Mix the ingredients put into a jar.  The shelf life is 6 to 8 months.  Great for gift giving! If you find the mixture too dry add more oil. Use as required.  Watch for slippery tubs as the formula contains oil.

To work out your total batch size:  250 grams for example, take the % ie 63 x 250 to get the weight of each ingredient.  

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décembre 31, 2020

Looks like a delectable treat for the feet. Question: are these proportions by weight or volume?

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