Soothing Blue Botanical Face Cream from Formula Botanica

octobre 01, 2020

Soothing Blue Botanical Face Cream from Formula Botanica - Soap Making Supplies, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils at Calgary, Alberta Soap and More the Learning Centre Inc in Canada

Batch Size:  100 grams

Stage      Ingredient                                           Category        %         grams

A             Organic Sweet Almond Oil                  Foundation      20%         20

A             Vegetal emulsifier ie  Varisoft EQ 65   Emulsifier         5%           5

          Organic rose hydrosol                           Foundation       68%        68

C             Cucumber extract                                 Botanical           5%          5

           Organic Blue Tansy eo                         Aromaceutical    1%          1

D            Preservative Eco Geogard ECT            Preservative       1%         1

Formulation Procedure:

1.  Weigh the almond oil and Varisoft in a disinfected beaker.

2.  Weigh the hydrosol in another beaker

3.  Heat the beakers in a water bath (bain-marie) to 75C

4.  Slowly add the Oil/emulsifier blend to the rose hydrosol while stirring constantly

5.  Remove the beaker from the water bath and continue stirring

6.  You can place the beaker in a coldwater bath to speed up the cooling process

7. When under 40C add the cucumber glyerite and stir well

8.  Add the essential oil and stir well

9. Check the PH to ensure the preservative is safe ( (pH 3 – 8) 

10. Add the preservative and stir well

Decant the cream into a pretty and label

Note the cream reaches its final consistency after 24 hours 

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