Birch Bark, Sweet Essential Oil

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Smells like the wintergreen mints.  WOW.  Love it.

Caution: If you have allergies to asa (aspirin) avoid

Steam distilled
Botanical Name - betula lenta
Country of Origin -Canada

Top Note

Blends With: Cedarwood, Fir Balsam, Copaiba Balsam, Spruce, Sandalwood and Ho-wood

Approx. Shelf Life: Gets Better With Age

INCI: Betula lenta (Birch) Oil

Contraindications: Anticoagulant medication, major surgery, hemophilia, other bleeding disorders,breast feeding, pregnancy, gastroesophageal reflux disease.
Should not be given to people with salicylate sensitivity (this often applies to those with ADD/ADHD).
Maximum dermal level 2.5% 

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Rosemary Unger
Sweet birch oil

Sweet birch oil... I use Sweetbirch oil extensively in my treatment room… I am a therapist… And do several different modalities… I Find that sweet birch or will actually soothe the pain of a broken bone if you put it on topically. It is very good to relieve muscle discomfort from soft tissue damage… Or just give a nice bonus to a relaxing massage.
And I appreciate the personalized help that I have received from the staff Of Soap n More