Candle Soy Container Kit

Soy Wax Candle Kit includes everything you need to get started on creating your very own eco-friendly candles! By purchasing the kit your savings are over 25% vs. purchasing all of these ingredients separately! What a deal! Kit Contents: 1 lb Soy Container Wax 1 x 60ml fragrance oil of  your choice 1 colour chip of your choice wood wicks & complete Instruction sheet.

Add your scent and colour choices in customer notes.

Choose 1 Colour:  Red, Hunter Green, Blue, Yellow & Orange

Choose 1 Fragrance:  Vanilla, Jasminy Vanilla (out of stock) ,Cucumber, Lemongrass verbena, Sweetgrass, Rose & Pumpkin pie.

The image does not reflect the containers provided

WHY CHOOSE SOY CANDLES? *Environmentally Friendly *Soy Wax contains only natural ingredients *Soy Candles burn longer than traditional Paraffin Wax (Did you know that Paraffin Wax is a petroleum product!!) *Soy Candles produce far less soot, and NO toxic Pedro soot *Soy Wax is biodegradable *Soy Wax residue cleans up with soap & water *Using Soy Wax decreases dependence on crude oil *Choosing Soy Wax supports Soybean Our kits are the easiest way to start making your own products. We have designed a series of simple kits featuring natural body care products, cosmetics and now candle products! Each kit includes pre-measured ingredients, packaging & labels and full step-by-step instructions to create your own natural and most importantly economical products. The rest of the equipment you need is already in your kitchen! You can make these products for your own pleasure, for gifts, or for resale. They cost far less than the High-end shops and you can be assured that all the ingredients come from nature-friendly raw materials and are safe for the whole family to use! This kit provides everything you need to create 3 custom natural soy container candles. Kit includes soy wax, 3 - 8oz candle containers, 3 cotton wicks, your choice of scent & colour, finished product labels, wood stir sticks, and full instructions! Containers may be vary.