Dendritic Salt Crystals Fine

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Dendritic salt is a natural salt which absorbs essential and fragrance oils much more efficiently than other salts. It reduces caking and helps adhere colourants to the salts. Its formulation prevents caking and retains the scent in bath products much longer than regular salts do which allows your products to have a longer shelf life.

Add your essential or fragrance oils to the dendritic salt, mix well, and then add this mixture to the rest of your salt mixture. It is said that dendritic salt dissolves at more than twice the rate of conventional salts.

Recommended usage: Use 1 cup of dendritic salt for every 20 cups of the other salts in your recipe. This product has a long shelf life if it’s kept away from moisture and humidity.

INCI: Sodium Chloride

Country of Origin: USA