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Glycerin is a vegetable derived humectant and moisturizer which attracts and absorbs moisture to the skin. A natural water-soluble moisturizer used extensively in personal care products such as lotions, creams, facial toners, cleansers and hair products. Glycerin is a penetration enhancer helping other ingredients reach deeper layers of the skin.

At the right % it can act as a preservative or aid preservatives.
Colourless clear viscous liquid.

Usage Rates:  3-5% in creams, tonics and lotions

                      10-35% in shower gels and cleansers

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INCI: glycerin

Country of Origin: Malaysia

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Customer Reviews

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Works very well in my products!

Serguei Mourachov

Wow this product is so amazing, will buy it more soon

Taylor Teskey
My Choice For Bulk Glycerine

Great prices, great product - my favorite location to purchase larger quantities of this product.

Carmen Williams
Great product!

We actually use glycerin to keep preserved moss nice and soft during the winter, as Alberta's dry harsh climate takes a toll on our moss. It works very well!

John Ashton
Awesome as always

SAM has always been a great place to shop. Staff are friendly despite being so busy. Happy New Year y’all!!!