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Jade Green Gem Mica Being Discontinued

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Jade Green Mica Powder is an illuminating and soft green colour that works wonderfully in soaps. It is a lab created mica based on fluorphlogopite, a synthetic mica formulated to be exceptionally brilliant and bright. 

Approved for general cosmetic use including eyes.

Usage rate in Cold Process Soap: 1 tsp of mica per lb of soap

Adds soft & silken luster to candles.

INCI: Ingredients: Mica - Titanium Dioxide - Tin Dioxide Iron Oxide

Ingredients:  CI77019,CI77891, C778161

DIY Mineral Eye Shadow


  • Matte Texture Base Powder
  • Z-Cote
  • Kaolin Clay (optional)
  • Jade Green Mica


  • Blender (could be anything from a small grinder, a Cuisinart, or mortar and pestle)
  • Mixing Bowls (go for smooth ceramic, plastic, or glass)
  • Tiny Spoons of various sizes
  • a Teaspoon
  • Jars, Pots, and Baggies (to store your makeup and give to others)

Strongly suggested:

  • Facemask (or, be extremely careful not to inhale particles, as they can cause irritation or become embedded in the lungs. For the same reason, use “micronised” minerals and not “nano-sized” particles to avoid health risks.) All our ingredients are non nano sized particles at Soap & More.
  • Gloves and/or Apron (to avoid getting pigment on your hands and clothes)
  • Mirror
  • A notebook

Now, this tutorial will definitely appeal to the more adventurous sort. The initial cost of supplies and minerals can be expensive, but you’ll find that even small amounts will go a long way, and the final cost per gram of makeup is way cheaper than anything you’d find in stores. If you have crafty friends, you might even want to throw a party, buy ingredients together, and split the costs.


1. Cover your working space with newspaper to protect surfaces. Put on your facemask, gloves, and apron, and have all your ingredients and mixing bowls ready.

2. Start by adding 2 tsp matte base powder, 1/4 tsp of Z-cote and 1 tsp of the jade mica. The matte base powder contains titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate. The titanium dioxide will determine how pale your eye shadow will be and the magnesium stearate enhances slip and silkiness. Z-Cote is a source of natural SPF without the whitening effect of regular zinc oxide that have larger particles.  Add more matte base powder if you wish to get a lighter makeup.

3. Next, Add 1 tsp Kaolin Clay. Kaolin Clay is a natural clay that is thickening and oil-absorbent.

6. Start grinding and mixing the ingredients together until a uniform colour emerges, and no streaky white pieces remain.

7. From there, it’ll take a series of trial and error, of adding pinches of more jade mica more colour is needed. Having a mirror out can help you test out the colour on your skin,

8. Although measurements may be imprecise, taking notes in a notebook can help recreate the mixture into the future. You’ll thank yourself later when you stumble upon the perfect consistency and colour.

9. Finally, once you have found the right mixture, put it a regular jar or a sifting jar, and wear your special, hand-crafted mineral makeup with pride.