Lavender Flowers French Pesticide Free

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Botanical Name: lavandula angustifolia
Country of Origin:  Provence France

Shelf Life: 2 years in closed package

A valuable herb in skin products for antiseptic, stimulation.

Add to potpourri, sachet bags, bath blend potpourri, bat, bombs and soap.

Our new pesticide-free lavender petals are much brighter and more fragrant. It is priced higher but is a much superior quality. Great wedding toss. Wonderfully fragrant.

For wedding toss bags: A 1 lb (0.45 kg) bag of lavender holds 13.5 cups. One cup of lavender will fill (8)eight 3x4 sachet bags if you use 1/8 cup per sachet.

Professional spa treatments that you can easily have at home. Just place the herb mixture in a muslin bag and let it steep in your hot bath. The herbs will turn your bath into a spa treatment - the hot water will release the therapeutic aromas of the herbs for a rejuvenating or soothing bath. Make aromatherapy pillows by combining dried lavender, chamomile, and flaxseed.

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Beautiful smell

These smell amazing. Infused into some oil and the smell has not changed. Great quality, highly recommend:)

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Lavender Flowers Ultra Pesticide Free