Les Voleurs Essential Oil Blend (Thieves)

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This is a blend formulated to eliminate airborne bacteria. 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria. Contains only pure, undiluted essential oils of clove, rosemary, lemon usage rate 3%, eucalyptus & cinnamon leaf usage rate  0.1%-0.7%. We recommend this blend for home cleaning products and diffusers.

The clove and cinnamon essential oils in this blend are strong antimicrobials and should be avoided for children 3 years of age and younger. This is due to children's sensitive immune system. The cinnamon used in our blend is from the leaves and not the bark and is milder.

INCI: syzgium aromativum, rosmarinus officinalis, citrus lemanum, eucalyptus radiata, cinnamonum zeyeanicum

Avoid during pregnancy.  Always dilute

Customer Reviews

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Jaymie Petty

Les Voleurs Essential Oil Blend (Thieves)

Very nice!

I really like this Thieves blend - I use it in cold process soap - it’s been a customer favourite. It would be even better if Soap and More detailed the safe usage rate for it in soap as it does contain some irritating essential oils (I haven’t had any issues with it but would just appreciate the guidance). Thanks! I’ve recommended this blend to others.

Heidi Macmillan

Love it. Great for natural disinfecting. I use it in a diffuser when we have a cold. Or add it to my alcohol hand sanitizer to make it smell better and the oils help prevent my hands crom drying out so bad.

Mary Melzer
Excellent product

Smells amazing in my soap. Customers love it!