38-400 Pump White Heavy Duty - 4 Litre/1Gal.

The 38-400 White Saddle Pump is a heavy-duty pump that works great with bottles featuring a 38-400 neck size like our 4 Litre Bell Plastic Jugs. Not recommended for dry powders.

  • White Pump
  • Style: Saddle Pump
  • Size: 38-400
  • Fine Ribbed Finish
  • 11” Dip Tube
  • Dispenses 30cc

Product Details

  • White Lotion Pump
  • White Saddle Pump
  • Heavy Duty Pump
  • 38-400 Neck Size
  • Works great with our Bottles featuring a 38-400 Neck
  • To see the variety of bottles that will fit this pump, visit our Related Products Below

Lid - 38-400 White Pump
The 1 oz white gallon pump dispensers is in 38/400 size. The white gallon pumps dispense 1 oz of product per stroke. These dispensing pumps are great for dispensing products such as lotions, soaps, and cleaning products. Be sure to test the 1 oz white gallon pumps with your product for proper compatibility.