Rose Hydrosol Organic

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Rose hydrosol is a popular single ingredient facial toner for all skin types and is often seen in formulas for dry or mature skin. With a sensual scent that is associated with love and the heart. It makes a rich base for room or linen sprays, adds rosy floral notes to water-based perfumes, and can be used as a water substitute in your favourite body care formulas.

When receiving new shipments of hydrosols, we recommend that you transfer the hydrosols to amber glass containers and then record the date of receipt and the shelf life on the label to help you keep track. Refrigeration is also recommended to keep them stable.

IMPORTANT: Evaluating Hydrosol Aroma

Due to the nature of the steam distillation process, hydrosol not only contains some essential oil, but also some water-soluble plant compounds (plant acids etc.) not present in the oil itself.  Our rose hydrosol has an invigorating yet calming aroma.

INCI Name: Rosa damascena Distillate Water, Populus tremuloides Bark Extract

Steam distilled

pH (at 20 °C) Internal method < 4.5 Conforms

Country of Origin: Bulgaria


  • soothing
  • relaxing
  • regenerative


  • toners
  • all skin types
  • fragrance mists
  • mature and prematurely aged skin types
  • linen / room sprays
  • water replacement in emulsions
  • elixirs


Usage: 2.0 to 100%
Processing: Add to, or use as the water phase


Appearance: clear non-viscous liquid
Odour: characteristic floral odour with a touch of honey or hay
Solubility: water-soluble
Storage: store tightly sealed, cool, and away from direct heat and light
Shelf: shelf 1 yr when stored and handled properly

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Beulah McLellan

As always, my package arrived quickly and ingredients were well packaged and protected inside. thank you.

Kinga Szeweluk
Rose hydrosol

Smells very nice . It does not soap much . Very pleased

Vanessa Gordon

Rose Hydrosol Organic

Mayda Canjura

This hydro sol is very good for skin

Jodi Caskey
Rose hydrosol organic

This is my go to, it’s always consistent. Excellent quality- love it!!!