Volunteer Duties

There is a minimal fee of $15 plus GST

  •   Please arrive 45 minutes early to help set up the workshop
  •   Stay up to 1 hour after the workshop to clean up
  •   If a volunteer cannot attend a workshop, he/she must try and find a replacement

The whole class depends on the assistance of our volunteers and when one does not show up, it is a strain on everyone.

 Volunteer duties may include the following:

Cleaning dishes during and after the class
Properly clean off, dry and put away all the supplies and equipment. Make sure there is no oily residue on any bottles before they are returned to the proper shelves.
When standing in line for any activity, the volunteers will be the final participants
Fill out the discount cards for all participants, including yourself, and give them to the instructor
Assist instructor with the next project by gathering measuring instruments and supplies
During the workshop pick up rubbish and clear away clutter when you can
Leave any container that requires refilling to the side for the staff to attend to the following day
Cut labels for the finished products if required. Sweep if required (IE: Bath Bomb classes)

Our classes depend on Volunteers like you! We greatly appreciate your interest and effort!