Amber Resin

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Amber resin is a solid crystalline fragrance made from a combination of many resinoids and oleoresins (plant secretions) such as myrrh, gum frankincense, gum styrax, benzoin, sal tree, labdanum and other aromatic compounds. These ingredients are sourced from the tropical sub-forests of India and Africa.

The fragrance of Amber is characteristically defined as a sweet, smokey, woody earthy note from blends of various resins, with a touch of vanilla which gives the Amber its characteristically sweet aroma.

Uses:  incense, burn over charcoal, or as solid perfume

INCI:  Parfum

How to dissolve:  The finer you grind them, the more readily  and quickly they will dissolve in the oil.

  • In a water bath heat up 1 amber by weight to 2-3 parts oil in a glass or mason jar.
  • When the bath reaches temperature and starts boiling, stir to break up any lumps and let sit in a simmering bath with occasional stirring until it is totally dissolved.
  • Remove from the bath and filter when no more resin can be dissolved.

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The resin itself is great, the packaging absolutely not

I have loved amber resin all my life & was very excited to finally find some again. Unfortunately, it came packaged in a very cheap plastic container, and the resin picked up a lot of the chemical scent of that plastic. I have no idea how long it was in that container before I ordered but it was long enough to taint its scent. I immediately transferred it to a glass jar but am disappointed that the chemical smell has not yet dissipated. Hoping for the best as I would be very upset if this product is unusable due to its poor packaging.