Charcoal Activated Powder Hardwood

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Used in soap, bath bombs, salves, masks, scrubs and more

Caution when using in bath bombs for color, an emulsifier is recommended to not stain your tub. ie Polysorbate 80 or plant based emulsifier.

HIGH SURFACE AREA (2000 - 2400 m2/g)

A high-quality Food Grade activated charcoal powder is excellent for external applications in poultices, compresses, soap, and baths, for the treatment of infections, pain, and as a general detoxifier. Try our ultra fine for toothpaste to avoid any grit.

Also recommended for use in poultices for the external treatment of localized inflammation, infection and pain, or in baths for a generalized application over a larger body area. Excellent for charcoal baths as the hardwood charcoals rinse off more easily than the coconut shell.

Use up to 2 tsp per pound of soap at trace

pH: 6-8

Country of Origin: USA

INCI: Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal. What is it, exactly? Activated charcoal is carbon that has been treated with oxygen to open up hundreds of thousands of pores inside it. Opening up these tiny pores between atoms expands the surface area of the carbon enormously. In fact, in terms of raw surface area, one gram of activated charcoal would be able to cover several football fields if it were rolled flat. The surface of activated charcoal is only one of the reasons why it is so useful. Carbon is a naturally absorbent element, and it is able to absorb a wide variety of harmful chemicals. The large surface area of activated charcoal allows it to absorb and trap millions of chemicals at its countless bonding sites. There are certain elements that it can’t trap, however. These include sodium and nitrates. So although it is very absorbent, activated charcoal cannot absorb every element out there.

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Love this charcoal for CP soap

Excellent product, great price. Mixed in very quickly and well in my soap. Have used it twice now. Highly recommend. Thanks for the excellent curb side pick up.