Coconut Soy Candle Container Wax Paraffin Free


Our coconut wax is a blend of soy and coconut.  We encourage a second pour after the first pour has cooled.  This will give you a smoother professional look.

Type: Coconut/Soy Blend (percentages of the blend are not available is it is proprietary information.)

Meltpoint: 120 to 125 F degree
Suggested Pouring Temperature: 135 to 140°F
Primary Use: Container candles 
Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1.5 oz. fragrance per pound.  Typical fragrance load is 8 to 10% or less
Add candle fragrance oil as needed and mix thoroughly (fragrance oil should be added just before pouring to prevent fragrance oil from evaporating) Approx. max 150°F  however we recommned 135 to 140°F 
Note that this is a softer wax with a lower melting point. The Coconut/Soy blend consists of mostly Coconut, with added Soy wax, other botanical oils and a no paraffin.  It is odourless and white and is comparable to soy wax with how it holds fragrance and colour.

This wax is easy to use with a great scent throw. 

Customer Reviews

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megan sterling
Not sure about it

I purchased this about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been testing a lot but can’t seem to find that perfect smooth top… also the hot throw even with 10% is very faint. Not sure what I can do to make the wax or FO to work better?

We recommend a second pour as described in product description. Also size of room can affect scent throw depending on size of candle.  It Can also depend on how the hot throw is being tested ex. rooms with open concepts, may allow scent to dissipate more. thus seeming less intense. When testing fragrances we recommend making wax melts at the fragrance percentages and place them in an electric warmer so that one can use it in an enclosed space and the wax warmer allows one to walk away for a few mins at a time so they don't go nose blind

Mathew M
Great price and easy to use!

Nice product to work with and reasonably priced.

soy coconut wax

Great colour. Excellent texture. Wax bubbles on the side sometimes.