Geogard 221 Liquid Preservative Blend

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Geogard 221® is a preservative based on a synergistic blend of 2 active ingredients, dehydroacetic acid (DHA) and benzy alcohol.

The product is recognized by major cosmetic, toiletry and fragrance regulatory authorities worldwide for use in cosmetic and personal care products and formulations. 

Geogard®221 has broad spectrum activity, is light in colour, essentially odorless and easy to formulate in a diverse range of products.

INCI: Benzyl Alcohol (CAS: 100-51-6), Dehydroacetic Acid (CAS: 520-45-6) and Aqua (CAS: 7732-18-5)

Usage Rate:  0.2 to 1% in both rinse-off and leave-on product formulations. The higher percent would be used if your product had a high percent of water or herbal extracts.

Key Benefits of Geogard® 221:

Wide range of global regulatory approvals

Broad spectrum protection

ECOCERT/COSMOS compliant, NATRUE certified and Soil Association approved

Wide applicability/compatibility with key raw materials

Easy-to-use and compatible with most types of cosmetic formulations

Benefit and Labeling Claims:

Benefit Claims

Broad pH Stability, Compatibility, Cost Effective Preservation, Chemical Stability & Broad pH Stability

Labeling Claims

Cruelty-Free, Environmentally Friendly, Non-GMO, Not Tested on Animals, Odour-free, Sustainable

Applications Include:

Personal Care — Beauty & Care

Baby Care

Bath & Shower

Colour Cosmetics

Hair Care

Skin Care


Ingredient Origin: Synthetic

pH range: 2-7

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