Heat & Seal Tea Bags for Tub Teas Various Sizes

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1 Dozen various sizes. Heat Sealable Tea bags AKA Press & Brew Bags Chlorine free, nonbleached gusseted tub tea bags. Biodegradable & Compostible.

Heat seal tea bags are often used for tub teas or drinking teas, but they are versatile enough to be used for samples, sachets, spices, bath salts, potpourri and so much more. Perfect for a "mess-free" infusion in your simmering pot! Simply fill with desired product & seal with a household iron or heat sealing machine. Sealing temperature is between 302-338F (150-170C) Items may expand when wet, so overfilling is not recommended. Food grade, kraft, durable fiber heat sealable bags. No bleaching agents or formaldehyde used in the processing of this product.

Make your own tub teas with these heat sealable tea bags. Fill with your favourite herbs, seal and use Tea Bags for the bathtub or hot tub.* Just steep it in the tub like it were a giant cup of tea and relax.
Great News!...just like any good tea bag you can use it more than once! (enjoy it twice in the tub & once in the shower as a body splash and hair conditioner)
* If using it in the hot tub, you only get one use out of it.
Try using lavender and eucalpytus when you have a cold, the flu or problems breathing.
Try lavender buds and oatmeal for a soft skin experience.
Try coarse sea salt and peppermint leaves for sore or tight muscles.
4 sizes Available
Small 2 3/4" x 5 3/16" $2.75 per doz 6 doz -10% and 12 doz - 20% off the 1 doz price
Medium 4.5" x 6" $3.25 per doz
- 6 doz -10% and 12 doz -20% off the 1 doz price
Large 3 3/8" x 7.25" $3.50 per doz
- 6 doz -10% and 12 doz -20% off the 1 doz price
Jumbo 4" x 8" $3.75 per doz
- 6 doz -10% and 12 doz -20% off the 1 doz price
Top quality natural kraft paper makes these tea bags unique: Thin and porous for great permeability of active ingredients. The bottom gusset allows you to fill your bags with moe herbs and grains. Oxygen whitened with no bleach or other chemical residues. Sealed easily and securely with an iron heated above 200 degrees