Japan Sumac Wax

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This is similar to beeswax, except you can get away with using a bit less % to get the same thickening results, and the protective, velvety texture is fantastic. It's a delight to use, and it's so so so much better in facial products that carnauba or candelilla wax. 

 Japan (Sumac) Wax, alternatively spelled sumach wax, is a wax produced from pressing the fruit of the Rhus succedanea plant, referred to as the Japanese wax tree and belonging to the Anarchadiaceae or sumac family.

This plant is indigenous to China and Japan with Sumac Wax said to be the Chinese variety of the Japanese wax; however, there is no real difference between these in terms of composition and natural properties. Japan wax is a harder, more brittle wax than some other waxes, growing in popularity throughout the cosmetic and personal-care industries for its viscosity enhancer, emulsifying, emollient agent, and moisturizing benefits in personal-care formulations.

Japan wax is an economical vegan option, commonly referred to as Berry Wax or Vegetable Wax, and is found in various makeup products such as eye pencils, lipsticks, mascara, foundations, eyebrow enhancers, highlighters and other beauty products.

Saponification value:  220

Melting Point:  110 - 132 F  43 to 55C

Country of Origin:  Japan

Inci:  Rhus Succedanea Fruit Cera

Customer Reviews

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Tatiana Gogolova

Amazing for lotion bars and creams

Wendy Loncar
Nice Lightweight Wax

I love this wax! I used this wax in a balm recently in place of beeswax and it turned out really nice. It took longer to set up but once it did l was happy with the results. It has a lighter, more velvety feel than other waxes, almost a gel like consistency.