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Scale KD8000 8 Kilo x 1g w Adapter

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This replaces our Ultraship 55 due to inconsistent supply. We love the large brushed 304 stainless steel tray and a new feature the percentage weighing of an ingredient.

The KD8000, a digital scale with an 8000 gram capacity, measuring with 1 gram accuracy. The KD8000 is a top-selling soapers scale that you can plug in or run by battery, with a built-in keypad shield for spill protection - Also good for, candle making, and more.

  • Power 3 X AA Batteries (included)
    AC Adapter(optional)Auto-OFF 2-5 min.
  • Scale dimensions 250mm x 205mm x 100mm
  • Indicator Dimensions 175mm x 175mm
  • Tare range Up to scale capacity
  • Units kg, lb, lb:oz, lb, oz

Automatically set on auto-shut off after being left for two minutes. To change this setting, perform the following procedure:
With the scale off, press and hold the "Hold" key- Do not release. Then press and release the red Power key. Release the "Hold" key and wait about 5-6 seconds while the scale counts through the power-up routine. It will then display nbx (x=current setting). Now press "Mode" to scroll through the selections (nb0, nb1, nb2), stopping at the setting you desire. Press "Tare" to confirm. The display will then show Off 0 (disabled), Off 2 (automatic turn off after @ 2 minutes), or Off 3 (automatic turn off after @ 5 minutes). Select the automatic turn off time by pressing "Mode" until it displays the one you want and then press "Tare" to confirm. The scale will return to normal weighing mode. Turn off the scale, and switch it back on to begin weighing with the new settings.