Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX

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Everyone wants strong, lustrous hair, but routine damage from blow-dryers, flat irons, or highlighting sessions can leave hair feeling brittle, dull, and weak. Keratin reigns supreme as the ultimate “smooth operator” in haircare.

We do not recommend keratin for skincare as it is ineffective. Keep it for your hair care.

Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX was designed to deliver hair strengthening and conditioning benefits to the hair, making it a perfect addition to any hair care application. Keratin makes up more than 90% of the hair follicle and is a source of strength and flexibility. It softens as it smooths the hair cuticle.

Excellent for leave-in hair conditioners. Add your favourite proteins like silk or honeyquat, distilled water, and a preservative into a spray bottle and use daily
Keratin is rich in cysteine, a sulfur-containing amino acid that gives the protein its unique strength and protective quality. When hair undergoes heat styling or chemical processing,
cysteine bridges are broken, leaving the hair in a damaged, weakened state. Adding hydrolyzed keratin increases the amount of cysteine available to the hair, minimizing damage and increasing tensile strength.


The high natural protein content of both the skin and the hair allows for extensive protein use in a wide variety of cosmetic applications. Proteins provide a suitable environment for healthy skin and hair because of their ability to bind water with the outermost layer of the skin and its extensions. Proteins are able to prevent damage to the hair fibres because of their amphoteric and buffering properties. To make proteins suitable for formulation into water-based products, they need to be broken down through the process of hydrolysis. Protein hydrolysates are valuable components of haircare because of their affinity to keratin, as they are able to fill in the damaged areas of the hair shaft and improve hair strength.

Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX is a mixture of protein and silicone in water that is able to penetrate the hair cortex, building strength from within. Its film-forming capabilities help reinforce, lubricate and protect the hair’s surface. Once the hydrolyzed protein has penetrated the hair’s cortex, its hydrophilic nature promotes an unmatched moisture-binding capacity. These properties combine to restore and strengthen the hair. When hair is strengthened, the degree of damage from chemical treatments, heat styling, and the environment is lessened.


Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX is capable of providing moisture, resisting damage, strengthening, reinforcing, and protecting the hair when incorporated into rinse-off hair care products. When added to final formulations, Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX is capable of increasing the shine reflected on the hair’s surface and providing perceivable stronger, healthier-feeling hair.

Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX imparts benefits that tactility and visually improve the sensorial assessment of typically unruly or frizzy hair. This product is ideal for use in hair care formulations, especially in shampoos, conditioners and serums, to increase shine, comb ability, thickness, hydration, strength and softness while smoothing the cuticle for hair that appears visibly healthier and tactility more manageable.
A half-head study was conducted to determine the difference in using a test shampoo and conditioner containing 2.0% Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX vs. an untreated shampoo and conditioner. Five volunteers participated in the study and each volunteer’s hair was photographed. The images of the half head study were used in conjunction with a sensory study to assess the shine, volume, dry and wet comb ability, thickness, smoothness, hydration, softness, overall strength and manageability. Based on the results obtained, Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX is capable of enhancing the strength and overall appearance of the hair, as well as improving shine and enhancing styling ability.

EFFICACY DATA Available. Please request from us.

INCI Nomenclature:

Water & Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol

Suggested Use Levels:



Yellow to Light Amber Liquid


Water Soluble


Moisturizing, Conditioning, Hydrating


Phenoxyethanol & Potassium Sorbate


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Amazing Ingredient

I just love this ingredient, I include it in my deep nourishing hair conditioner formula for coloured hair. Highly recommended!