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Label White Lip Balm Weatherproof for Ink Jet Printers

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 1 sheet 12 labels. 2.125" x 2.125" with perforated tamper-evident tab.Measurement does not include tab. 

8.5 x 11 page peel and stick. Unlike paper labels polyester resists scuffs, tears, and smudges so labels remain easy to read This polyester weatherproof material is designed to repel water. Extra-strong adhesive adheres to metal, plastic, glass and more

Tip: Avoid over colouring when designing your label. Especially with background colours to avoid smearing. InkJet is more vulnerable than laser as ink is used rather than toner powder.

Photo compliments of Meadow Creek Boutique

  • Before you print onto a label sheet, first print onto a blank piece of paper. Place the sheet in front of the label sheet, and then hold the sheets up to a light to make sure the positioning is correct.
  • Smearing or smudging can occur with both inkjet and laser printers. This can generally be resolved by adjusting the material type setting within your printer options. For inkjet printers, try adjusting the material setting to a Photo or Glossy setting.

Basics for Labelling Lip Balm:

1. Ingredients: The ingredients need to be listed from most used to least used. The exception to this is listing colourants – those you can just add to the end of the list of ingredients. The names of the ingredients need to follow the INCI ( International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) rules. This is the scientific or agreed upon standard name for the ingredient.

2. Quantity: List how much product is in the container.in grams for Canada. Go by weight since lip balm is a solid product.

3. Who made it: You need to list the name of the maker of the product and where they are located. That means an address (not just a website).