Juicy Orange Candy Natural Fragrance Oil Blend

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With a tinge of euphoric neroli and uplifting fresh juicy orange & candy this scent that can add a refreshing sweet note to your products.  

    Vanilla content:  0%

    Flash Point: <200

    Usage Rates:

    Bath Oils, Soap & Bath Gels 5% May increase trace

    Potpourri & Incense 50%

    Lotions, Perfumes & Scrubs 5%

    Bath Bombs, Salts & Tub Soaks 5%

    Cleaning Products 5%

    Vegetable Wax & Paraffin Wax 10%

    Can be used in lotions, shampoos, bath bombs, soap, candles and much more.

    Phlatate Free

    The inci must be named aroma as it contains  essential oils & extracts.  

    INCI:  Aroma

    Customer Reviews

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    Keryn Sulimma
    My soap hardened almost instantly

    I gave two stars because the smell of this scent is just amazing. My batch was going perfectly fine until I added this scent, I turned my back to pour my base soap (scented with lavender, which behaved predictably - lots of time to work), and when I turned back to my containers scented with this one it was completely hard! I needed the quantity to fill my soap mold, so I ended up chopping it up into bits and using it like a confetti type thing....but yeah, not the intention at all. Maybe this is good for other products, but for a good ol' cold process soap, beware.