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Sapphire Blue Mica

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Sapphire Blue Mica is ideal for deep and rich colours in Bath Bombs

Can also be used in Lip products.
This mica is not suitable for use in cold process soap.
The strength of colour obtained from any dye or pigment is dependent upon the concentration used. Using concentrated dyes or pigments may result in deep colour that can bleed from the product in use and/or discolour surfaces.
We suggest that all dyes and pigments are used sparingly, further diluted where necessary, and chosen so as they are appropriate for the use they're being put to. 
INCI: Mica Titanium Dioxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide Oxide
Ingredients: CI77019, CI77891, CI7510

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Ways to add mica to candle making 

  1. It can be layered at the top of your candle once it’s completely cooled to give your candle a fun, shiny appeal.
  2. It can be added to your melted wax before you pour it into your candle vessels so your candle shimmers for the duration of its burn.

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Daniela Mills
Sapphire blue mica

Excellent color