SMLT Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate Surfactant

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SMLT is a unique surfactant that contains very low levels of residual sodium chloride. It is naturally derived from vegetable sources and is readily biodegradable. 

Sodium methyl lauroyl Taurate  is produced from tine naturally derived fatty acid and It is an excellent agent of washing, wetting emulsifying and dispersing low irritation and reduce the irritation of other surfactants.  

AKA:  Sodium N-Lauroyl-N-Methyl Taurate; Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate; Sodium N-Lauroyl Methyl Taurate 

Amino acid surfactant performance feature: Safe, ECO-Friendly and Skin-Friendly.

  • Well compatible with ionic or/and nonionic. And amphoteric surfactants,  

  • Make skin appear supple and easy feeling after using, 

  • Reduce the formation of dandruff and hair damage: 

  • Well used in shampoo. Facial cleanser. Shower gel and baby products. etc

Cas No:  4338-75-1

Usage Levels
Liquid Products: 1 – 10%
Combo Bars: 5 – 20%
Cleansing Sticks: 1 – 9%

Heat 70-80C stir until dissolved

PH:  10% in sol  6-9.5

Appearance:  White Flake

Active Matter 95%

Sodium Lauarate Content .40 -1.65% max

Sodium Chloride: 3% max     

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