Emulgel (Cold emulsilfier)

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A clear, yellow liquid with a slight aroma. 100% vegetable origin combining non-palm-derived organic glycerin sourced from the nut oil of the Karanja tree, and sugar esters. All plant sources are non GMO and it is PEG free. Readily biodegradable.

It makes oil in water (O/W) emulsions as an emulsifier but also thickens oils to give a thick gel texture.

Although this emulsifier contains water, it does not need a preservative in this state as the ratio of water to glycerine keeps the product protected.

When it is used with fats only, it still does not need a preservative.

Usage rate: 5 to 8% for cold process emulsifier creams and lotion o/w. 20 25% in oily gels (Use 1:4 ratio of emulgel  to oil phase)
Any oils can be gelled (including Silicones, sun filters, butters, waxes &, esters).
When formulating an oily gel, take 20 to 25% emulgel and 75 to 80% oil. Start mixing it with your stick blender making sure the blade is totally submerged on med to high as more oil is added.
Add your oil one drop at a time until 25% of your oil is added while mixing. Add the remaining oil in a slow stream stopping from time to time. After each addition of oil let the gel recover and become smooth and shiny before adding more oil. The formulation is much like making mayonnaise.

• Emulgel can be used as a cold process emulsifier in the oil phase and the emulsion made in the usual way (add to the water phase under homogenization). Often a co-emulsifier is also needed and also a water thickener in the water phase to provide viscosity.
• Alternatively, you can gel the oil phase of your emulsion and then dilute the oily gel with the water phase. The final
emulsion will have a micro-emulsion aspect and will be more stable by going through the oily gel intermediate.

• Formulation must remain between pH 4-8 at all times.
• Can be used at either room temperature or at temperatures up to 80ºC.

Country of origin: UK

Shelf life: 2 years. 

As soon as you add water though, you need to include a preservative.

INCI: Glycerin & Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides & Aqua & Sucrose Laurate

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Debbie Alger
emulgel is awesome

This was great for a cold emulsifier, very happy

Prudence Estwick

Amazing product and service!