Vanilla 10 FOLD Essential Oil


This oil is in high demand due to farmers burning their crops caused by low prices on the market.

A rich aroma of vanilla that will cause your cp.hp,opcp and melt & pour soap to brown.

Between 2005 and early 2014, there was an overabundance of vanilla. As a result, the price for both green and cured, dried vanilla dropped to very low levels. Because farmers weren’t making enough to survive, many finally burned their vanilla vines and switched to growing other crops. This eventually led to a vanilla shortage, and with the shortage of vanilla beans, prices shot through the roof!

Botanical Name - vanilla planifolia
Country of Origin - INDIA

INCI: Vanilla Planifolia Oleoresin

Method of Extraction - Solvent

Botanical Name:Vanilla Planifolia

Description / Color / Consistency: A dark brown liquid which can be vicious.

Note: A top note with a medium aroma, Vanilla has a sweet, rich scent.

This new batch of vanilla is superb! The best so far. Vanilla 10-Fold essential oil has a warm, rich, sweet fragrance. It is said to be a premiere sensual aphrodisiac, and is reputed to be comforting and relaxing for the mind. This potent oil is distilled 10 times further than regular vanilla essential oil, giving it a stronger scent and a more concentrated composition.

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Vanilla 10 Fold

I should have read the description with more detail I didnt realise you cannot use this is oil or water base ...