Roll On Deodorant Formula

July 09, 2021

Roll On Deodorant Formula - Soap Making Supplies, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils at Calgary, Alberta Soap and More the Learning Centre Inc in Canada

Phase 1
Phase 2
  • 70 % distilled water
  • 5 % glycerin or other humectant
  • 1 %  Zinc PCA or more, as needed for effectiveness
  • 3 %  Leucidal or other preservative at recommended dosage
  • 1 % essential oils optional.  We do recommend fragrances for deodorant as it is too close to your lymph nodes. Try our Roman Chamomile which has a wonderful apple scent!


  • Weigh out phase 1 in a double boiler 
  • Melt until just melted and combined
  • Separately, weigh Phase 2 heat in a double boiler until they are fully dissolved. Ideally you will get both the water and oil ingredients around 70º-75ºC/160º-170ºF before combining them.
  • Add phase 1 to phase 2 combine gently.
  • As the mixture cools, keep stirring. If the mixture doesn’t appear to be emulsifying well, you can use the help of an immersion blender or milk frother. The only inconvenience of using a milk frother is that it does tend to make some foam, but with this sort of light lotions of sorts, it should settle down relatively quickly once you’ve stopped mixing.
  • Once the emulsion has mostly cooled, you can add in essential oils
  • Add in your preservative. Depending on the preservative you are using, you may have to test for pH and then adjust the pH by adding lactic acid to get your deodorant mixture into the right range for your particular preservative. Add the amount recommended for your preservative. (This recipe adds up to around 100g, so add a gram for each percent amount needed. So, for example, if your preservative calls for usage at 1%, add 1g.)
  • You may add in a few drops of other active ingredients that you like. A few drops of vitamin E or D-Panthenol are great optional additions to this deodorant.
  • Mix together all ingredients, you may need to use a stick blender when the mixture has totally cooled down to keep it emulsified.  Pour the mixture into a roll on dispenser. If you can’t find a decent sized roll on deodorant dispenser, you can repurpose an old one. Make sure to take it apart and fully clean all parts of it. I also like to give all parts a final rinse in denatured or rubbing alcohol.
  • Cap your deodorant, and it’s ready for use!

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