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Black Himalayan Salt Fine

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Note:  Black Himalayan Salt has a high pungent, sulfurous smell.   

Himalayan Black Salt (Kala Namak) is a special rock salt mined from the volcanic regions of Pakistan. Having matured over 250 million years, this deep purple-grey salt is easily absorbed by the human body which is believed to help regulate natural functions. 

Because of the minerals that the Himalayan black salt contains in addition to sodium chloride, black salt is widely used in cosmetics, and alternative medical treatments. Black salt contains minerals that can improve hair growth. Kala namak, when applied to shampoo, hair cream, or hair mask, strengthens weak hair and prevents it from split ends. 

In addition, positive feedbacks are received from scrub gels and creams prepared with black salt granules that are added to skin cleansing products. 

The smell is derived from its sulfur-rich structure.

100% natural unprocessed salt. No additives or preservatives.

INCI: Sodium Chloride

Country of Origin: Pakistan 


Customer Reviews

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Jing Li
Please have more of this salt in stock!

Love its therapeutic effect, even though the smell is a bit strong, but only in the beginning when you mix it with water. And you feel you are in a real hot spring! Very good for eczema and psoriasis prone skin. You don't need to use much due to the strong smell, but a little bit mixed with epsom salt or dead sea salt is enough for an effective salt bath.

kaila maillet
Haven't used it yet BUT!

I got this to use in bath soaks, but it smells like..hard boiled eggs (it's supposed to!) I haven't used it in a soak yet, because I want to find some EO's that don't interact offensively with the sulphur scent (i don't want to waste them!) I sprinkled some on top of some cold process soap and it looks beautiful! More earthy than typical salts, like a purpley sand (and!!! Not eggy!!!)