Cetyl Alcohol Flakes/Pellets

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Works as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener and carrying agent for other ingredients contained in a cosmetic solution. It keeps the oil and water parts of an emulsion from separating, and gives products good spread ability. As a thickening agent and surfactant, it helps alter the viscosity and increase the foaming capacity of non-aqueous (i.e. lotions) and aqueous solutions (i.e. shampoo bars).
It is often misinterpreted as an "alcohol" related to ethyl or rubbing alcohol, both of which can be extremely drying to the skin.
The truth, in fact, is quite the opposite, as cetyl alcohol is well known to effectively condition and soften the skin and hair. Because of its multi-functional capabilities, this ingredient is used in a wide range of personal care products such as moisturizer, face cream, shampoo/conditioner both liquid and bars, anti-aging treatment, hair dye, sunscreen, cleanser, and lipstick.
Palm derived.
Try our palm free alternative, Brassica alcohol
INCI: cetyl alcohol
Melting Point:  49.3 C

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