38-400 White Flat Ribbed Lined Lid

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38-400 neck size

Liner made of three layers: a thin soft polyethylene foam core sandwiched between two clear layers of LDPE film. F-217 has become the industry standard due to its all purpose compatibility, resilient, compressible seal, cleanliness (no pulp dust) and economy. F-217 liners are taste and odour resistant, and have a low moisture transmission rate, meaning they prevent moisture from entering the bottle and affecting products. F-217 is a brand-name and tends to be used interchangeably with foam liner. However, F-217 actually performs better than a regular foam liner. Like the foam liner, this also does not create an airtight seal.

White smooth lined, F-217 foam liners are not considered a form of tamper evident seal.

Fit our 7ml glass clear and frosted jars and 4 litre bell rounds

The smooth white polypropylene closures feature liners which are three-ply and have low-density foam cores between two solid layers of low-density polyethylene.

The liner has excellent chemical resistance and a low moisture transmission rate, and could work well with many body lotions, skin creams, face washes, and cosmetics.