Coconut Oil Refined Solid 76°

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The benefits are numerous. It stems from its richness in medium chain fatty acids. The odourless and not hydrogenated refined Coconut oil is used in many applications from cooking to personal care products. Using Coconut oil as a carrier or base oil is an excellent way to set up your product for greater reception and success; yeah, that’s how much people love Coconut oil

Due to summer heat, we cannot guarantee the 18kg size will not leak when shipped.  You must take the risk if it does leak.

INCI: cocos nucifera

The shelf life for refined deodorized bleached coconut oil varies but the average life span is 1.5 years. Some may last 2 years before going rancid.

Deodorized Non GMO Kosher- White Coconut Oil does not contribute to the deforestation of the Rain Forest. It is plantation and sustainably grown.

Fat or Oil Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), NaOH Caustic Potash (Potassium Hydroxide), KOH
Coconut Oil, Refined  ? 0.1910 0.2690

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Holly Milne-Ives
Customer service

Customer service was exceptional. Didn’t have a few of the items I came for but salesperson went out of their way to bucket-up some lye for me.



Caroline Seguin

Love it !

Ruby Koevort
Coconut oil Refined Solid 76

Great product! I use it in many of my products. A definite staple in my cupboards!

Deb High
Coconut Oil

Excellent product and extremely helpful staff! Works perfectly in my soap.