DL-Panthenol - Vit B5 Powder

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This powerful ingredient is celebrated for moisturizing, thickening and boosting hair’s body quotient. It helps moisturize hair and skin and stops both from getting dehydrated. In addition, because panthenol also spreads evenly on the surface of the hair strand, it forms a smooth film over hair cuticles that enhance light reflection and makes tresses look shinier and glossier. What’s more, the smooth film also gives hair strands “slip” to discourage nasty knots or tangles. (One big drawback, though, is ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft can sometimes make strands swell and frizz.)

PANTHENOL has a melting point of 64.5°- 68.5° Celsius.

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SPECIFICATIONS white crystalline powder water-soluble store tightly closed and away from moisture 3 yrs when properly stored.

INCI: DL Panthenol

PH: 8-9

Produced using DL-Pantolactone and 3-Aminopropanol synthesis process.

Not animal derived  


0.75–5% for nail care, shampoos, and conditioners & hairstyling products

1–5% in skincare, with the higher end of the range for more therapeutic applications.

Add to the water phase, hot or cold panthenol is highly hygroscopic and will clump when exposed to moisture, this is a common circumstance and will not jeopardize its function or efficacy. 

Panthenol is heat sensitive so add it to your cool down phase. (add to just enough water to stir into the formula) Our Vitamin B5 is an important part of skin and hair care.

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Theodora Berard
DL- Panthenol Vit B5 Powder

I love this product in my hair formulations - all of the ingredients i buy from Soap and More are of exceptional quality!

Yevhenii Sapianov

DL-Panthenol - Vit B5 Powder

Michel Garcia

Did not use it so far.

Eli Entz
Great Product

Another great product from a great supplier.

Sharlene Moodley