DMAE Bitartrate

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DMAE Dimethlyethanolamine Bitartrate is a potent, site-specific environmental damaged scavenger that can help improve the appearance of aging skin, contributes to healthy skin.

DMAE is suitable for use with panthenol vitamin B3 It will increase efficiency when used together.

pH 3.4 to 4.4 / 1.0% solution
store tightly sealed, protected from moisture and heat
36 month shelf when stored, and handled, properly

Solubility: water soluble
Usage rate:0.5% - 5%
How to use: Add to the water phase of an emulsion
INCI: Dimethlyethanolamine Bitartrate

  • anti-aging products
    • wrinkle reduction
    • thickening of tissues
    • collagen improvement
    • advanced hydration
    • lifting
    • firming
    • tightening
  • dry skin products

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