Kojic Acid Dipalmitate KAD Powder

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Kojic acid (5-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-4-pyrone) is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice.

Pure & concentrated ingredient. Not a finished cosmetic product. Use as raw material for making cosmetics or add directly to finished skin care products.

Mix Kojic Acid Dipalmitate Powder to your favourite base cream to help eliminate the formation of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

In formulations for best results, dissolve the powder in oil using a double boiler (bain marie)  Heat the oil and add the powder.  Should be added at the end stage of your cream or lotion formula. We recommend using this ingredient in formulations with a pH range of 4-7.

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate (KAD) can tend to form a crystal precipitate in some cosmetic formulations.  It is recommended to add  Isopropyl Palmitate or Isopropyl Myristate to the oil phase containing KAD and heat to 80°C (167°F) and hold for 5 minutes until the KAD dissolves completely. Then add the oil phase to the aqueous phase and emulsify for about 10 minutes. 

Although Kojic Acid isn't a BHA or an AHA, you may wish to avoid mixing it directly with Vitamin C to avoid possible irritation. (Vitamin C & AHA's should not be mixed together).

Country of Origin:  China

Shelf life:  1 year

Kojic Dipalmitate is an ester of Kojic Acid offering superior stability. Kojic Acid itself can be prone to instability with colour-changes occurring over time, whereas Kojic Dipalmitate retains its stability for longer. It is used as a skin whitening ingredient and to reduce the appearance of age-spots.

Include in Serums, Creams, Lotions, Moisturizers, Body Oils, Facial & Body Masks, Scrubs, Cleansers, Soaps. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

INCI: Kojic Dipalmitate

CAS: 79725-98-7

Suitable for all skin textures & types
• Rapidly strong skin whitening effect
• Mixes well when combined with other active ingredients
• 100% pharmaceutical grade
• Oil soluble
• PH 4 to 7 Stability
• Advised percentages are 2 to 5%
• 99.99% Pure
• Vegan friendly

Appearance: Slight Yellow to off-white glossy powder
Melting Point: 92-95°C
Loss on Drying: 2% Maximum
Heavy Metals (Pb): 20 ppm Maximum
Assay (HPLC): 95% Min.


  • Stable from pH 3 to 10
  • Does not complex with metal ions and will not change colour
  • Light and heat stable
  • Compatible with most cosmetic ingredients.

Storage: Keep Container tightly closed. Store in a dry, cool place. Keep away from heat. Keep away from sources of ignition. DO NOT ingest. DO NOT breathe dust. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. If ingested, seek medical advice immediately. Avoid contact and inhalation.

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