Lanolin Anhydrous Wax EP (Low Odour)


This product is known to relieve chapped and cracked hands, diaper rash, minor burns, wind burns and minor skin abrasions. It is thick and sticky, purified wax obtained from sheep’s wool and used in cosmetics, soap, and salves. The USP grade has no animal scent as it has been refined.

(European Pharmacopoeia)

It has occlusive properties with skin barrier function.

INCI: Lanolin
Country of Origin: India
SAP: N/A as it is a wax
Shelf Life: 1-2 years
Short Term Storage: Airtight container. Dark location. Cool room temperature.
Long-Term Storage: Removing air from storage container will delay oxidation and rancidity (may need to place in a smaller container). Refrigeration can extend shelf life.
Use levels: lip products 5-100%, cold process soap 3-6%, lotions and creams 3-5%. Can be applied directly to the skin. 
Melt Point 110F
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Customer Reviews

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“Low odour” lanolin

I’ve been using this lanolin to re-lanolize wool sweaters and it works great! It does, however, smell a fair bit like sheep, so I have to add essential oils to cover the smell. I have had lanolin that did not smell so strongly (though it was much more expensive). In other words, it works well, it was an excellent price, but if you’re hoping for odour-free you may need to pay more elsewhere.

Bartholomew Chwalek
Sheeps to the rescue.

This product is not sheep but comes from sheep and sheeping price was behautiful..beh... Beh..st price I have found for a quality raw material that was used for over 500 years.... The problem being is this world has too many business bezos wannabees that want to skim off ... Reselling is not doing business. So I appreciate the price and quality thank you. I use this product as part of my homebrew recipe for metal lubrification and protection against the weather and rust. Apparently sheeps can protect your iron hull sailor. Shhh don't tell anyone... But a few rust preventative products are based on mixing in a low percentage of this product... A lot of companies are in the business of information hidding ... I am against that. But hey, try it for yourself, experiment. Thank you... I will buy another 3kg soon..or do you sell sheep?

L Schultz
Good quality

excellent quality and price. I use this daily on my feet and lips and cuticles - really helps with the dry weather in Calgary

Great Product!

Loved the consistency and the workability. Will def order again