Lilac Absolute

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Our organically crafted Lilac Absolute Oil, also colloquially referred to as Lilac Essential Oil, is extracted from the delicate magenta coloured blossoms of the Syringa vulgaris [Family: Oleaceae], growing on the rocky hills of Bulgaria. Lilac Absolute Oil is one of the most precious and rarest oils in the world and is revered for its immensely sweet and divine aroma, the smell of this oil is authentic, exquisite and intoxicating.

Used in high-end blends for lotions, creams, room sprays and diffusers.

EXTRACTION METHOD ~ Organic Extraction (Hexane Free)
ORIGIN  ~ Bulgaria
ORGANIC ~ Sustainably sourced 
Botanical Name - Syringa vulgaris
INCI: Syringa vulgaris
Shelf Life: 4 Years
Grade: Absolute/Fine Perfumery
Plant Part: Fresh Flower Blossoms
Perfume Note: Middle

Cautions: In rare cases, may cause an allergic reaction; do not use on very sensitive skin; do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Customer Reviews

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Laura Downing
Expensive but worth it!

Expensive but worth it.

Bernadette Lambert
Very nice but quite costly - would you sell lilac in a fragrance vs the cost of the essential oil ?

Nice smell !

TracyAnn Schuur
The Scents of Spring in the Middle of Winter

The lilac absolute is stunning in it clarity! It is pure aromatic bliss from the moment you uncap it! It’s as if you’re standing next to a blooming lilac on a warm spring day! So pleased with this purchase and I highly recommend this Lilac Absolute from Soap and More!

Ruben Alvarez
Too Strong

This scent was surprisingly strong and reminded me of cheap perfume but it blended well and when diluted, it created a surprisingly delicious scent.