Lip Balm Silicone Round Filling Tray

This wonderful lip balm tube filling tray is just fabulous! It allows you to fill 50 tubes at once! This tray fits regular (chapstick) style lip balm tubes. Note* Filling Trays should not be used with waxes heated over 140° F Color of the tray may vary. It is very easy to use...You simply pop your lip balm tubes into the back of each circle. Turn upright, then fill the whole tray with lip balm... Let cool, then using the spatula, scrape off the excess balm on top of the tray.

Using a gentle, twisting motion, pull each tube from the tray, and voila! Perfect, professional lip balms! Avoid the hassle and mess of filling lip balms by hand! Save TONS of time! Have FUN filling your lip balms! This tray also gives each tube a slight "lip" on top of the filled tube, meaning there will be a small amount of balm protruding from the tube. This looks very professional and prevents the usual sunken hole you get when filling tubes by hand.