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Menthol crystals dissolve readily into alcohol or essential oils, and they can be dissolved into water or oil at their melting point of 111.ºF. Menthol crystals are cooling, refreshing, and have a pleasantly strong minty aroma. They are often used in cosmetics, salves, balms, medicated creams, foot sprays, pain relief, shampoos, conditioners, liniments, shaving creams, compresses, medicated oils, cooling gels and lately in shower steamers. Since Menthol crystals are so concentrated, only a very small amount is needed within products.

Menthol also has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties.

  • Dissolves easily into alcohol, water and essential oils or oils
  • Usage Rate: 0.5-8% topically
  • Appearance: Prismatic or articular, colourless, shiny crystals
  • Odour: Typical refreshing peppermint odour with a pronounced cooling effect

Melting point: 111º F., 42°C To 44°C

INCI: menthol

Origin- India

Botanical name- Mentha arvensis Extraction- Crystallized quick frozen (Cold extracted)

Shelf life- 3 years

Caution: Menthol crystals should never be used as a single ingredient product or applied directly to the skin without proper dilution. It may cause irritation to skin or mucous membranes. Proper dilution within a finished product of no more than 5% for topical application.

Shower sinus steamer recipe

With gloves, dissolve the menthol crystals in the alcohol. Add more if required. Combine all your remaining dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the colour dye if using. Use a whisk to remove all lumps. The mixture can be sifted. Be aware that both menthol and eucalyptus are very pungent so use carefully.

Add the oil, eucalyptus and the menthol mixture and combine. Add the water and combine until the mixture sticks together like dry sand in your hand. Pack into the ice cube tray tightly. Let sit for 24 hours. The next day turn the tray over and lightly tap until steamers come out. Store and label in an airtight container for later use.

Place on the shower floor near the spray of the shower. Be prepared for an intense sinus clearing.

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Karen G
Menthol crystals

These are super strong I’m very happy with the quality

Susan Zurawell
Menthol Crystals

I ground them very aromatic and loved them 8n the shower steamers I made.

Crystal lumps

Really appreciate how quickly my order was fill and sent during the busiest season for all of us.

Love the menthol crystals, don’t love the menthol lumps.

Liybov Brych
Crystals of menthol

Excellent quality. I will order. I liked everything

Trevor K
Best deal anywhere

My dentist has people asking him to buy $50 bottles of mouthwash (with alcohol). He says just use make saline solution (salt). Find a one liter water bottle, a tablespoon of salt, and a quarter teaspoon of powdered menthol you can make in a coffee grinder. Shake and you're done. It's similar to old school Listerine which is hard to get and won't make you puke like the super sweet wintergreen crap they overcharge you for at the pharmacy.