Paperboard Push Up Tube 45ml

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Eco-Friendly Push-Up Lip Balm &, Solid perfumes and Lotion bars. Tube made from paperboard/cardboard material has a rolled edge flush fit push up. Paperboard packaging is renewable, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, making this cosmetic balm tube a great eco-friendly alternative to tubes made from petroleum-based plastics. The paperboard tubes have a fitted cap on top and a free moving paperboard disk in the bottom which pushes upwards. These paperboard tubes are constructed with an oil-resistant paper barrier and could be appropriate for products such as lip balms and lotion bars. As always, be sure to test your product with the container beforehand to ensure proper compatibility.

Size: 1.5 oz - 45 gram

Total Height: 95mm

Diameter: 32mm

Lid Height: 26mm

Some are using clay slabs to hold the tubes in place during hot pour, and others are using dried rice. 

Note: Customers are advised to buy a small batch of samples to test out on your product as this is made from paperboard and might not fit every product's formulation.