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1,3 Propanediol is a green preservative-boosting humectant with excellent sensory characteristics. It is used as an emollient, skin penetration enhancer and solvent with good moisturizing properties. It has a dry, powdery skin feel with no tackiness that can be used in just about any product that contains water. It is derived from corn, considered Ecocert and is approved for use by the National Products Association and is a National Health Products ingredient (Health Canada). It’s also vegan friendly. It is considered a good solvent for things like salicylic acidgenistein, ferulic acid, and resveratrol.

Classified:  Solvent & Viscosity controller

Our customers substitute glycerin for Propanediol for increased hydration when used in hair and body products,  When combined with glycerin, Propanediol shows a synergistic effect that reduces the tackiness of glycerin, while offering the benefits of increased levels of hydration.

Propanediol increases hydration when used in hair and body products, and at 5%, performs better than propylene glycol and butylene glycol. When combined with glycerin, Propanediol shows a synergistic effect that reduces the tackiness of glycerin, while offering the benefits of increased levels of hydration. At levels up to 75%, it shows low potential to irritate or sensitize skin.

In surfactant systems, Propanediol increases the clarity of surfactant systems and viscosity while decreasing the amount of salt necessary to thicken a product. It improves flash foam, and produces more elegant systems with creamier lather and denser foam.

As a natural alternative green product with little to no scent, it derived from corn sugar, used as a humectant, hair and skin conditioner, preservative booster, and solvent with a light, non-sticky, slightly dry skin feel.

In hair care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, leave on conditioners, or styling aids, it offers a cleaner feeling after rinsing while increasing moisturization, improving detangling, reducing static, and improving wet and dry combing.

In all products, it decreases the freezing point and increases stability in freeze/thaw and heated tests.  

Propanediol may boost the efficacy of preservatives. Its efficacy was demonstrated when combined with preservatives containing phenoxyethanol against yeast, gram-positive, and gram-negative organisms, as well as mold.

Propanediol is an excellent solvent for harder to dissolve ingredients like salicylic acid, ferulic acid, allantoin, and ascorbic acid. 

Usage Rate:  1-10%, added to the water phase.

Key Benefits

  • Light, non-sticky skin feel
  • Green substitute for propylene glycol from a renewable resource
  • Viscosity enhancer
  • Clarity enhancer for surfactant systems
  • Increased freeze/thaw and heat stability
  • Low potential to irritate or sensitize skin
  • Good solvent for hard to dissolve ingredients as well as botanical extract
  • Boosts efficacy of preservatives
  • Hygroscopic, hydrates skin and hair well
  • Kosher, halal, USP-NF

INCI: Propanediol

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Ziane (Diane) Stanley
    adding Propanediol to shampoo recipe

    The combination of the glycerin with the propanediol was perfect

    Great Product!

    I had a formulation I was working on that was unstable when this arrived. The Propanediol 1,3 saved my formula. Thank You Soap & More!

    Excellent alternative to glycerine.

    This is such a nice ingredient for skincare formulations as it's a very good non-sticky humectant that is accepted in natural formulations. So if your formulation calls for 5% glycerine, it's nice to add 4% propanediol and just 1% glycerine for a beautiful synergy. This ingredient also works as a penetration enhancer, which is nice when you're using extracts that are small enough mesh size to go a bit deeper into the skin.

    Christine Langley

    Propanediol 1,3

    Just what I was looking for

    Amazing alternative to Propylene Glycol, a petroleum based alternative. It's terrific that Propanediol is derived from corn and has a host of beneficial properties for skin care.