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Rice Starch is a fine particle size. Sharp distribution of the particle will allow you to develop various uses of MICRORYZA. Particle size : 3-8μIt can be used for face powder, dry shampoo, body powder, etc. extracted from rice (Oryza Sativa). Gluten-free, aluminum-free, and hydrophobically modified. White free-flowing powder, aluminum free. Insoluble but miscible in water, swells in hot water.

It is a viscosity builder and an absorbent

Unlike animal gelatin, this gelling agent is well accepted by most consumers as it is botanically derived, sustainable and of natural origin

pH Value: 6-8 (20% aqueous slurry).

INCI:  Oryza Sativa starach


  • Widely used as thickener and viscosity enhancer in various personal care products
  • Excellent texturizer in face powders providing smooth and silky velvety feel
  • Produces a soft, mattifying effect
  • Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes
  • Can replace talc in formulas

Use: Add as is to formula, preferentially to water phase. No heating is required. Typical use level is 1 – 10% depending on desired viscosity. For external use only.

Applications: Body & makeup powders, dry shampoos, antiperspirants, colour cosmetics, creams, lotions, eye cosmetics, liquid makeup, liquid talc.

Country of Origin: USA 

Manufacture: Rice starch is extracted from rice corns. It is then hydrophobically modified to enhance compatibility with oils, emulsifiers and surfactants. It is further cross-linked with calcium salt to improve water swelling and thickening

Animal Testing: Not animal tested 

GMO: GMO-free

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Naomi Beebe
Amazing product!

Rice starch is so hard to find, so I was thrilled when I came across this site. Product is wonderful and works great for my DIY dry shampoo recipe. Thanks for the great product! I’ll definitely be back.