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Shea Nut Butter Nilotica Virgin

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Due to how soft this shea butter, it is not recommended to make whipped body butter in the hot months. Refrigerate in hot months.  ?

Whipping this butter is not necessary, but it will also whip up beautifully for whipped body butters as long as you omit soft oils.

Nilotica Shea Nut Butter, commonly referred to as Muyao Butter, is extracted by mechanically pressing the seeds of a rarer subspecies of shea nut tree, Nilotica, native to East Africa. This variant of shea butter has not gone through any refining process, resulting in a virgin butter that carries a characteristic mild nutty aroma and pale-yellow appearance. It seems oily at first, however has a fast absorption rate.

Please Note: This product is solid at room temperature.

INCI:  Butyrospermum parkii Butter (Vitellaria paradoxa Butter)

Usage rate:  1 to 100%

Country of Origin:  Kenya

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Virgin
Typical Shelf Life*: 2 - 3 Years  Keep refrigerate in hot months
Saponification Value (mg KOH/g oil): 185 - 195
SAP Multiplier for NaOH: 0.135
SAP Multiplier for KOH: 0.19

A shea butter option for formulations that requires a much softer, lighter, and creamier semi-solid variety as opposed to the harder and waxier West African Shea Nut Butter offered widespread in the marketplace today. Nilotica butter is naturally high in two essential fatty acids, stearic and oleic acid, and has a rich content of Vitamins A and E.

Due to the unique fatty acid composition of bulk Nilotica (Muyao) Butter, with its naturally higher olein content compared to West African shea butter, it is often sought after by personal-care and cosmetic manufacturers for moisturizing topical products intended for mature skin, after-sun care applications, and dry or damaged hair.

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Customer Reviews

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You can't get better than shea nilotica! The texture is divine, melts on contact with skin and just seeps in and makes skin incredibly soft. Would be a beautiful addition to skincare formulations and even on its own. I've used it on my face at night and it makes my skin smooth as butter. I definitely recommend this supplier.

Maria P
Just lovely

LO-VE-LY. Unlike any other butter and I have them all (shea-ghana, kokum, illipe, tucuma, ucuuba, cocoa,soy.......refined and unrefined) The consistency is quite soft at room temp, and I can anticipate it may become liquid during Summer, like coconut oil would do. The skin feel is so much lighter than the regular shea, not greasy, and above all, no smoky-smell! It has a hint of chocolatey, sweet scent, that would not be noticeable in the final formulation. A new favorite, I totally recommend it if you want to formulate light-feeling anhydrous balms or creams.

Thanks, Maria. We love it combined with other butters, depending on what function is desired.

Estee Leiser

Great product, brilliant sourcing. thanks

Kathleen C
I like it but...

I bought this to use in a natural whipped shea body butter. The regular Ghana shea I found heavy and took a while to absorb so I was pleased to see this new and lighter variety. However, I do not find this Nilotica variety solid at room temperature. It arrived slushy which was no surprise due to the temperature outside but even after storing it overnight in my dark and cool garage, it's still not solid. I made a small batch of my usual whipped shea body butter and it never solidified until I put it in the fridge for a few hours and then when I removed it this morning, within half an hour it had separated. I scraped it out of the jars and emulsified it with some beeswax and am hoping that does the trick. If not, I will try another small batch with some emulsifying wax.

Whipping this butters not necessary, but it will also whip up beautifully for whipped body butters without liquid oils.

Best Shea butter

I just picked up my Shea Nilotica and it’s so creamy and non grainy. The smell is pleasant and light and it absorbs so much quicker than the Shea from Ghana and is much less greasy which inhibited me from using the regular Shea. I’ve previously bought this from the US and I’m so happy Soap and More is carrying it. You really have upped your game in the diversity of ingredients you are stocking!

Thanks Angele. We love it also