Stearic Acid Triple Pressed Vegetable

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A white, waxy, natural non-ionic fatty acid. It's use is to increase viscosity to anhydrous products, as well as in candle  crafting.

Derived from coconut and palm.

Recommended usage rate:
Melt & Pour Soap: 3%
Lotions: 1-25%
Candles: 9-12%   Improves burn time and gives candle an opaque white appearance. Use approximately 5 tablespoons per lb of wax

SAP Value: 207-213    

Used to bind, stabilize and harden soap bars and candles. The question asked by many is: Use stearic acid or sodium lactate for a harder bar of soap? Too much stearic can make your soap seize. Stearic acid requires the warm oil to melt the stearic acid. But it's easy to formulate (you can enter it in the lye calculator), and it gives you luscious bubbles! Also, it seems to speed trace.

If you are a slow swirler, stearic quickens the trace time. Sodium lactate does affect the trace. The stearic seems to add more stable bubbles. The SL just makes a harder bar.

Its soap-like quality enables it to penetrate the skin, providing emollient and skin-softening properties. It is also used to emulsify, thicken, or otherwise bind and stabilize lotions and creams as well as an addition to candles.

Triple Pressed Stearic Acid is used in a multitude of products that we use every day like shaving cream, cosmetics, medicines, skin care products, soaps, detergents, and candles. It is also used in the manufacturing process of many more products because this renewable fatty acid is extremely versatile. It is non-GMO, allergen free, BSE free, and from RSPO (Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified producers.

INCI: Stearic Acid

SAP Value: 207-213

Improves burn time and gives candle an opaque white appearance. Use approximately 5 tablespoons per lb of wax.

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Melting Point: 69.3 °C (156.7 °F)


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Customer Reviews

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Sharon Jeffery
Insane packaging!

I am sure this product will work perfectly for my shampoo bars, but the amount of packaging for each item I bought was crazy. The main reason for making my own soap products is to save on packaging, but now I have created even more than if I bought shampoo in containers! Each bottle is taped on the lid and then also comes in a thick vacuum sealed bag. Ziplog bags of stearic acid were double bagged in thick plastic. So wasteful and so disappointing

We can appreciate your concerns, however we cannot chance the product spilling into the box as couriers are very hasty when delivering packages and it comes back on us. We do try and use recycling materials when at all possible. If you prefer less packaging on your orders, mention it on your order. If there is a spill you will be responsible Sharon.

Liybov Brych

Stearic Acid Triple Pressed Vegetable


Worked very well in my diy lotion!

Shelley Merkl
Stearic Acid

excellent worked very well in my shampoo syndet bars

Nice surprising little ingredient

Well I had read so much about how good stearic acid is in helping everythingget together and give a rich effect to the cream. As I was using it for the first time I applied caution. This product does help the oil and aloe emulify into a rich , smooth , light cream. I was surprised at how fast ir did the job. I love it. Looking forward to make new products with it. I love the real quick delivery of all items ordered and it arrives so fast. I love the selection I get. thanks

We agree. It is also used in candles to harden the wax.