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Vanilla Oil Blend Boosted Nature Identical

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A food grade Vanilla extract produced by solvent extraction of Vanilla Beans (fresh) in Mono Propylene Glycol. The colour is standardized by the addition of a Caramel colour (natural) and the addition of a flavor (natural identical) This vanilla smells so yummy you really want to eat it. A good alternative to vanilla essential oil that is more pricey.

This vanilla is brown and will colour all your product from light to dark brown depending on how much is used.

Works well in cp & hp soap, bath salts, scrubs, bath bombs, and room sprays.

Will not work well in oil only products or candles. 

Country of Origin - United Kingdom

INCI: Parfum

Method of Extraction - solvent extracted 

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Customer Reviews

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vanilla boosted

A very nice scent! Hope to buy some more soon. Excellent quality.

Denise McLaren
Customer review

Perfect vanilla! Nice and sweet!