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Scale CJ600 Grams x .1 g

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High precision scale with extra durability at an affordable price. Great for those small batches or more precise measurements. The1/10 of a gram increment is handy when creating your perfumery, as the ingredients can be pricey.

Power 3 AAA batteries (included)
AC adapter not included
Auto-OFF 2 Min
Scale dimension 210mm x 140mm x 40mm
Tray dimension 135mm(diameter)
Operating temperature Optimum 10-40 degree Celsius

Stainless steel weighing tray.  

  • Included: Bowl/Cover
  • Extra large LCD display

600 g x 0.1 g
g, lb., oz., dwt, PCS

GN = Grains
DWT = Pennyweight
KG = Kilograms
PCS= Pieces
LBS = Pounds
MG = Milligrams
CT = Carats
1/8 oz – 1/4 oz = Fraction of Ounce

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Allison Christie
Detailed scale

I like that the scale has a lid that doubles as a bowl, but did find the poring spout too flat to pour well.
The scale works well to the single decimal point, which is great for small batches.
I found it a bit confusing to originally set up, but eventually got it sorted out to weigh things properly. Once that was done it worked well.

Stephanie Geary
Adapter issue, but otherwise excellent

The adapter did not work at first, until we changed the polarity. I think there may be other orders out there where the positive and negative sides are incorrect. The scale did not break since it must have protection against this. Please check to make sure that the correct adapters are being used. Ours was just a polarity issue and not anything else.

Otherwise the shipment came as expected, and the scale is quite precise even with the lower amounts of 0.6 g etc. We use the adapter that came with it but modified it so the polarity is correct.