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Scale CJ600 Grams X .1 gram No Adaptor

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High precision scale with extra durability at an affordable price. Great for those small batches or more precise measurements. The1/10 of a gram increment is handy when creating your perfumery, as the ingredients can be pricey.

Power 3 AAA batteries (included)
AC adapter(not included)
Auto-OFF 2 Min
Scale dimension 210mm x 140mm x 40mm
Tray dimension 135mm(diameter)
Operating temperature Optimum 10-40 degree celsius

Stainless steel weighing tray.  

  • Included: Bowl/Cover
  • Extra large LCD display

600g x 0.1g
g, lb:oz, dwt, PCS

GN = Grains
DWT = Pennyweight
KG = Kilograms
PCS= Pieces LBS = Pounds
MG = Milligrams
CT = Carats
1/8OZ – 1/4OZ = Fraction of Ounce