Typically orders take 2-4 business days (Tues-Friday) to be fulfilled and shipped or
ready for pick-up.

However, please note that sales and holidays seasons greatly affect this timeline.

Feel free to check our website banner updated daily to see which order date we are currently shipping from.

Note - daily cut-off time for orders is 9 a.m. MT.

Shipping Orders: As an added convenience, you have 1-hour
after placing your order to edit or cancel the order yourself in your account
dashboard. However, after that time has elapsed, your order is locked in.

If you still desire to make changes, there are two possible options if you act quickly:

1. You may request that we cancel/refund your order by email, so you may place a new one.
2. You may place a second order for shipping using the same courier, to be combined with your first.

You must then notify us by email that you are doing so, including both order numbers.

Please note that if we do not see your request before your
order is fulfilled (label created for shipping), your request will be denied.

Pick-up Orders: These can easily be adjusted, simply email
us your detailed request(s) including your order number.

Bulk discounts / wholesale pricing has already been applied to all products. The larger the quantity purchased the larger the discount per ml or gram. Volume discounts on packaging are automatically applied in your shopping cart - 10% off over 12, and 20% over 72 of the same packaging item. If you are interested in a larger volume of a product or a product we do not carry, you may send us your inquiry by email at info@soapandmore.ca. We accommodate special orders on a case-by-case basis. 


Yes, however, we cannot charge your personal courier account numbers. Instead please follow the procedure below:

1. Place your order as a Pick-Up
2. Email us at info@soapandmore.ca immediately afterwards to inform us that you will be using your own courier. Please include your name and order number.
3. Once your order has been packaged, we will send you weight and dimensions so you may create your label. Please ensure the sender info is as follows: Soap & More 3830 – 7th Street SE Calgary, AB T2G2Y8.
4. We will then notify you once your package is ready, and you may schedule your pick-up if needed. Please note, this is unnecessary if you are using a courier we offer such as Canada Post, FedEx, UPS or Purolator as they come by for pick-ups once a day regardless of scheduling.

Yes, however you MUST select Canada Post as the courier option during checkout.

If you fail to do so, we will email you with the options of making a courier switch or supplying us with an alternate street address for your order.

Yes, however, there is a combined limit of 4 KG per order and you MUST select FedEx as your courier.


We do not send out samples and therefore, we encourage our customers to order the smallest size available to test before buying a large quantity. However, we will include up to 3 scent strip samples (essential oils, fragrances, natural fragrances) in any order if requested ahead of time by email.

We are currently working on adding all documents to corresponding product pages.
Please check carefully at the bottom of the page, and if you do not see them,
make your request(s) by email to

Soap & More is a supplier of fine ingredients for the manufacture of bath, body and home products. We do not specialize in finished products. However, we do carry base products that can be used as is, such as our Melt & Pour Soap Bases and Lotion Bar Blends.

We pride ourselves on selling quality ingredients and do offer some Food-Grade products.

However, we are a cosmetic facility and we sell our products for external use only.

Internal use of products is up to the customer’s discretion and we will not be held liable.

Products that are purchased from suppliers that are food-grade and are not opened in our facility (pre-packed) are the only products we can confidently say are safe for internal consumption.


You may reach us by phone at (403) 217-2346 during business hours only; Tuesday&Wednesday 11a.m-5p.m, Thursday&Friday noon-6p.m, & Sat noon-4p.m. If trying to reach us outside these hours please email us at info@soapandmore.ca