Zero Waste Oils

What are zero waste oils?

Zero waste oils are carrier oils expressed from fruit and vegetable seeds, which are sourced as waste by-products from the juice, jam and jelly industry.

What is an example of a zero waste oil?

Strawberry seed oil is an iconic example of a zero waste oil, where the seeds are collected directly from jam/juice producers, dried and then sent for processing. The seeds are sieve filtered before processing, then cold pressed and then finally filtered again through a filter press to create a fresh, light, fruity oil, high in antioxidants.

How can I learn to formulate skincare with zero waste oils?

Formula Botanica teaches award-winning online courses that guide you through the steps you need to become a formulator. You will fall in love with your carrier oils along the way and learn how to bring a zero waste component to your skincare and haircare formulations.

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